Trail course in Beaufortain



Two days of trail running to discover Les Saisies and Beaufortain

Come and discover Le Beaufortain, its mid-altitude mountain pastures, forests and ridges to the rhythm of running.

A trail program for all levels: both beginners and experienced runners.

Two state-certified supervisors will be present so that everyone's level is respected.

Day 1: Departure from Les Saisies for a loop towards Mont Clocher au Chard du Beurre via Mont Rond.
Duration of effort: 6-7 hours
Maximum elevation for the experienced: 1400 m D+ / 1400 m D-
Meet at 9:00 a.m. in front of the Signal aquasport center in Les Saisies

Day 2 : Departure from the village of Hauteluce to reach the Col de la Fenêtre then the Col du Bonhomme with a return via La Gittaz. A more alpine route with exceptional panoramas.
Duration effort 6-7h
Positive elevation from 1400m to 2300m depending on the shape of the group.
End of stay 5 p.m.

Level :
Trail course for all levels.
Practice an endurance sport (running) beforehand.

Supervision: 2 state-certified mountain guides qualified as "trail training" - Minimum 6 people

The price includes :
- Supervision by a state-certified mountain guide with trail qualification

The price does not include :
- Accommodation
- Meals and drinks
- Transport to the meeting point of the stay
- Liability insurance and mandatory repatriation

Individual equipment to be provided for the trail course :
- Trail running shoes,
- Trail bag
- A warm long-sleeved top
- Waterproof jacket
- Tights or long pants to bring in the bag
- Hat and gloves
- Sunglasses, cap
- Water (1.5 liter minimum)
- Cereal bars
- Trail poles (compulsory)
- Individual pharmacy (your usual medication, an emergency blanket, adhesive or double-skin bandages, handkerchiefs, etc.)
- Garbage bag or waterproof bag to keep your belongings inside your bag dry
You want to book accommodation
Contact SAISIES RESERVATIONS at 04.79.389.389 or


* The routes will be adapted to the level of the participants and to the weather conditions - Duration given as an indication.