Vitality and benefits at altitude



The Saisies resort is a magical place where unspoiled nature, beautiful alpine chalets, spruce forests and green pastures come together.
It is an ideal place to take a break and recharge your batteries away from the hustle and bustle. Immersion in nature to slow down the pace. Immersion in your breath through yoga and walking to reduce stress and find relief.
The yoga practiced is a gentle hatha yoga of the Diva Yoga method. He respects everyone's level and limits. So no strong posture, no extreme postures, we will practice with respect for Ahimsa, principle of non-violence, of benevolence towards oneself and others.
8 day / 7 night stay (cannot be booked without accommodation)
To enjoy your stay vitality and benefits in altitude, remember to select the activity "Vitality course" from the list of activities offered with your accommodation.
The program for this internship includes:
six outdoor yoga sessions (in the resort or during hikes),
six sessions of body awareness, meditation and pranayama in the morning
a session of conscious walking and gentle forest bathing,
an outing to discover medicinal and culinary plants with the preparation of medicinal oil
two day hikes to explore and discover the Beaufortain massif
Everyone will be asked to respect the safety distances throughout the stay.
Small groups.
Equipment to provide (not included in the course):
- small backpack
- sunglasses
- Solar cream
- warm clothing
- gourd and energy foods
- walking shoes
- yoga mat or towel